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Emily’s Official Biography

Emily Beth Shore understood her desire for writing from an early age. Though she was born in New York, Emily has lived in scattered states and traveled all over the country. Due to her continuous moves, she was home-schooled until her high school sophomore year when she enrolled in part time public school. She loved being a home-schooler and plans to home school her own children someday.

During her life, she was introduced to many different books and developed a fondness for reading as well as writing full-length young adult fiction at a very young age. And though she confesses to failing several math courses, Emily always received straight A-s in English and Writing.

Though she showed affection for acting, Emily’s true love was devoted to novel writing which drew her to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Metro State University in St. Paul, MN. Since graduation, she’s written seventeen books and also spent five years working as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble, connecting with her teen audience. Along with writing, she is a stay-at-home mom to two little girls, an aunt to four more girls (and one nephew), and in her free time, she enjoys scrap booking, painting, ceramics, and baking cupcakes.
Emily is a serious advocate in the anti-trafficking movement, and her time volunteering at seminars, forums, and fundraising opportunities has garnered interest and support in my book from political leaders, anti-trafficking advocates, mental health workers, educators, musicians, youth leaders, and even two best-selling authors.

Random Facts About Emily:
In Johnny Cash style, Emily defines herself as an author who is a Christian – not a Christian author.
an author who is a Christian – not a Christian author.

Whenever Emily writes, she brews her mug of hot tea while her envious cat watches.
She makes the best shortbread known to man with only three ingredients.
She’s deeply passionate about the battle against sex trafficking.
She loves the radio drama Adventures in Odyssey.
Her niche seems to be YA – very drawn to teens.
The Princess Bride is her favorite movie.
She failed algebra in high school.
Autumn is her favorite season.
She loves Disney Princesses